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Candy Land
A suite of six short movements (or pieces), written with the intention of providing interesting and challenging music for the advanced beginner. It encompasses the notes G, A, B, C, C# and D and therefore can be played with one hand.
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Even in this limited range, however, there are some wonderful melodies, interesting and novel harmonies plus good counting and rhythmic learning opportunities.

Each piece can be used as a stand-alone work or played as a complete work. It is very possible to create an imaginative story around this music.

The PREVIEW file is the first 30 seconds or so of each piece.

The Six Pieces are

  1. The Gates of Candy Land
  2. The Chocolate River
  3. Fields of Candy
  4. Castles in the Mist
  5. The Candy Carousel
  6. Sugar Overload!

Additional Notes

The piano part is fairly easy but still interesting to play.

This is just one of many works I’ve written for children and adults alike. If you would like something written for you, then I am always also open to composing with any ideas that you have.
If you need anything arranged from this work, or just perhaps something new, please do not hesitate to contact us
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