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Daphne: Archway Melodies was born out of my need for music and musicals as a classroom music teacher in London, England. We would put on two musicals a year and I found it hard to find musicals that:
  • Fitted my age group,
  • Had enough songs with great, easy to learn music
  • Didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So... Tony and I wrote our own musicals. Some of the ideas came from my headteacher, Nina Achenbach, and some from our own heads...

Tony:  When Daphne secured the music teacher position, I had to listen to the music that was available to her.  I thought “I can do that!” and so started to write for children.  It was a new experience and I learnt a great deal about writing for children, creating music that was easy to learn and yet not over-simple.

Daphne:  I was teaching class recorder to Year 5 students and had three students that were ahead of the rest and I wanted to give them a challenge. I asked Tony to write a simple trio for them, which he did right away! However... I had to tell him that it was too hard for them. Tony: It happens... Daphne: So he wrote five more movements, starting with something very simple and then adding new notes and techniques in each subsequent movement. This was "Images"...

Tony: Writing the trio was fun.  It was simple music but with lots of musicality. I went on to write duets and solo pieces, each set of music being fun, a bit challenging and musically pleasing.

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