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The Giant's House

The Giant’s House is an original work for piano, recorder players and choir, takes around 20 minutes to perform and can ask more questions than it answers.

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This PREVIEW file is the first 30 seconds or so of four of the songs and the lyrics to these excerpts are at the bottom of this description
It is the story of a few children who are caught in a storm and seek refuge in an old house. They find an amazing room filled with dusty but fantastic toys. However, the house contains a dark secret and they are discovered by the Giant who lives there. The children, frightened and scared, expect the worst! “to be eaten, crunched and generally munched” with the Giant “having a feast on their bones!” … What follows is an unexpected turn of events, where the children’s ability to not judge by appearance not only saves them, but the Giant as well.
12. Don’t Weep for Me
Don't weep for me. See what you see.
See that before you, see the misfit that's me.
Don't cry for me. It's what must be.
People like me are never part of life's tree.

Oh see the love within my heart, see the love I see....

7. The Giant
What is this I hear below? I bet it's an intruder.
This is just so very wrong, in fact, nothing is ruder.
On their legs I'll sits, Grind their bones to bits!....

4. Mice
Looking 'round It's so dark, shadows creeping ev'ry wheres.
Light'ning shows, shapes expose, guarantee to scares us....

13. Escape and Return
As we walked out the door, we'd all seen a sight
that none of us could believe.
We'd seen shelves on the walls filled with toys and games,
so many we could not conceive.

We decided the giant had been wickedly wronged
and we'd tell all our folks in our world he belonged.
And the wonderful, magical place we had found....
What a wonderful, talented person he was.

Oooh. Aaah. Oooh.
The Giant's House - Demo.mp3
1. The Storm
2. The Door
3. Decision Time
4. Mice!
5. The Storm Rages
6. The Toy Room
7. The Giant!
8. Fear!!!
9. A Terrible Fate
10. Suddenly
11. Against Instinct
12. Don't Weep for Me
13. Escape and Return
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